Enkel recharges the environment.


Every product requires labor and natural resources to be made. Labor is compensated with salary, but natural resources are usually not compensated. In enkel, we created ‘Eco-Payback’: a fee to compensate nature. We calculate a percentage of how much the cost to nature is to produce any product in our store, then we pay that back to the environment.


The production of any product requires energy, and such energy (unless renewable) emits CO2 that warms the planet and lasts thousands of years in the atmosphere. GWP or Global Warming Potential is a measure that uses the impact of one Kg of CO2 in the atmosphere for a period of 100 years. The GWP benchmark (CO2) is one. For example, if we have a product with a value of three GWP, that means that its fabrication causes three times more harm than one kilogram of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Reforestation is one of the main antidotes to Global Warming; forests convert GHG (Green House Gases) into oxygen and cools the climate. It is extremely important to help to absorb GHG. The GWP value of each of our products is converted into a monetary rate, then we donate such money to reforestation. Once that we have a GWP equivalent into dollars, Enkel Eco-Payback contributes 20 times more of that value to reforestation. For example, a product with a GWP of two, we contribute to reforestation the equivalent to absorb 40 Kg of CO2 (2 x 20 = 40). In addition, we consider the consumption of energy and emission of CO2 in shipping. In average, a package travels 1,000 km and generates 1 Kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. These calculations are also included in our GWP values per sale.  


Enkel Eco-Payback contributions are donated in reforestation programs of Pachama, a world leader carbon offset provider. One of its conversation programs, for instance, protects 300,000 forest hectares and will prevent almost 15 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (Brazil Nut Concession Forest Conservation Project).