About Us

Enkel ('Simple’ in Norwegian) is a concept store that promotes ‘simple living’ and ‘conscious shopping’. We care about the environment and our products are highly influenced by Japanese, Chinese, and Nordic minimalistic design. Enkel sells articles for home, clothing, and stationaries.

Our vision is to bring a message to our customers about the importance of sustainable production and consumption. We believe that conscious shoppers buy products that really need and make an effort to recycle and manage waste properly. We are constantly learning and share facts to make our customers more aware of sustainability. For example, do you know that natural resources reliance is rising (69% from 2000), and most of the global waste is not recycled or not safely managed? only 22.8% of electronic waste is recycled. We guide our customers and offer tools and incentives to recycle Enkel’s products in a safe and reliable manner. So, for us, it is important to offer products that households need, instead of unnecessary items (e.g., fast fashion) that most likely end up in the trash within a year––or when you ask yourself “why did I buy this?”

We have many responsible initiatives, one of them is ‘Eco-Payback’: a fee to compensate nature. We calculate the emissions in CO2e kilograms to produce any of our products. Then, we purchase 10 times the sum of emissions in reforestation and carbon capture. For example, if the manufacture of a product generates 2 kg of CO2e, we purchase 20 kg of carbon credits. In addition, our shipping packaging is recycled, and we offset the emissions produced by shipping through CO2 capture. Moreover, labor conditions are paramount to us. We monitor our suppliers, so they comply with national and international healthy labor policies.