Bamboo fabric: sustainable, soft, and durable.

Asia has used Bamboo in manufacturing for centuries, especially in the production of hand-made paper. Modern technology has converted bamboo into a key sustainable material resource. Today, manufacturers are capable to produce yarn and fabric out of bamboo fiber. The bamboo fabric is a natural textile which is made from the pulp of bamboo grass, the bamboo fiber is then created by pulping the bamboo grass. The fiber is then separated into filaments that are spun and dyed. Eventually, the fiber is weaved to produce cloth.

Bamboo fabric is soft as silk because it needs fewer chemicals than common fabrics, and it has many beneficial properties: 1) it is naturally smooth with no sharp spurs than irritate the skin, 2) it is hypoallergenic which is very convenient for sensitive skin that reacts to other natural fabrics (such as wool), and 3) it is antibacterial and antifungal because bamboo naturally contains an antibacterial bioagent (known as “Bamboo Kun”), which allows bamboo to grow in a remarkable healthy and fast pace without the need of fertilizers.

In addition, bamboo fabric is exceptionally thermal and breathable. In its natural habitat, bamboo keeps itself cool from the heat thanks to its breathing properties within its structure. As a result, the bamboo fabric “breaths out” the excess of heat or cold in the environment: It is cool when is warm, and warm when is cold.


Bamboo fabric is durable and easy to wash. Because of its softness, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle and cold water.

Bamboo fabric is the most sustainable fabric on the planet. As mentioned earlier, bamboo does not need chemicals to grow. Its complex rooting system allows it to grow four to six shoots per year. That means that bamboo fabric production requires almost no chemical treatment, and its abundance and fast growth pace help to convert CO2 into oxygen.

At Enkel, we know the importance of eco-efficient materials such as bamboo. We incorporate bamboo in many of our products, including bamboo fabric in mantles and towels. Our bamboo mantles and towels are made of 100% organic bamboo fiber. They are very soft and durable.